Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rapper YG Launches His Own Line Of Marijuana

Rap Daily: Rising, Compton, California rapper YG is turning his love for marijuana into a business, with the launch of his own strain of weed, "YG OG." 

YG, the artist behind the number 1 single 'Toot it and Boot it,' is promoting the new, high-grade marijuana, which is being sold exclusively at Orange County, California dispensary, Green Aid. 

“Having my own weed makes me feel like the muthaf**kin man,” YG said. “It gets you higher than every other weed.”

The YG OG brand was cultivated at Green Aid exclusively for YG, after a meeting with Green Aid's general manager, Brooks Johnson. 

Johnson and YG met through a mutual friend and patient, after a show in Anaheim a few months ago. 

The pair hit it off straight away and decided to go into business together, by marketing the YG brand of marijuana. 

“As soon as we featured the new YG OG medicine it became an overnight demand amongst our patients,” said Johnson, who revealed that the store has already sold out, although new product would be back on shelves in two weeks. 

YG recently released his highly anticipated mixtape “Just Re’d Up.”


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