Monday, 9 May 2011

50 Cent Clarifies Headphone Deal With Sleek

Rap Daily: Representatives for the company that markets 50 Cent's Sleek line of headphones have come forward to clarify reports that the rapper had pulled the plug on his new line of headphones.

Sleek Audio issued a press release on Friday, announcing that 50 Cent had terminated an agreement between Sleek, G-Unit and TV Goods.

But shortly after the termination, 50 and his affiliate company SMS Audio entered into a new agreement to produce and distribute an infomercial promoting a new, over-the-ear product that 50 Cent is backing.

While 50 may have been his deal between Sleek and TVGoods on ice, the rapper is still working with the company to bring another new product to market.

According to reps for both companies, 50 Cent's termination of Sleek's contract with TVGoods will allow the new product 50 Cent is developing to reach the market faster.

Reps for TVGoods said that 50 Cent still owns 7.5 million shares of TVGoods, which he purchased for $750,000.


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