Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gay Rights Groups Vow To Monitor Tyler The Creator's Lyrics

Rap Daily: Gay and Lesbian rights organization GLAAD has announced they will be monitoring  the lyrics of Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All's lead rapper, Tyler the Creator. 

GLAAD issued a statement siding with Sara Quin of indie rock band Tegan and Sara, who recently wrote an open letter criticizing Tyler's lyrics, which she labeled homophobic and misogynistic. 

"No genre is without its controversial and offensive characters- I’m not naive," Sara Quin wrote. "I’ve asked myself a thousand times why this is pushing me over the edge. Maybe it’s the access to him (his grotesque twitter, etc). Maybe it’s because I’m a human being, both a girl and a lesbian. Maybe it’s because my mom has spent her whole adult life working with teenage girls who were victims of sexual assault. Maybe it’s because in this case I don’t think race or class actually has anything to do with his hateful message but has EVERYTHING to do with why everyone refuses to admonish him for that message."

Quin said that Tyler frequently hides behind his age and that his lyrics were "repulsive and irresponsible."

She also chastised critics and media for glorifying Tyler and his new album Goblin, which is currently #5 on Billboard's Top 200 Chart. 

"If any of the bands whose records are held in similar esteem as Goblin had lyrics littered with rape fantasies and slurs, would they be labeled hate mongers? 
A rep for GLAAD said on their blog they would be monitoring Tyler the Creator's lyrics more closely. 

"We commend Sara Quin for speaking out publicly against Tyler’s lyrics and hope others will follow in her steps," GLAAD said in a statement. "GLAAD will continue to monitor media coverage of Tyler."


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