Monday, 23 May 2011

Cassidy Freed From Prison

hip hop star Cassidy is released from prison amid rumours he was a murder suspect appear false

Rap Daily:Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been released from jail, after being arrested for a probation violation last week.

Cassidy was arrested by police in Hackensack, New Jersey, after Philadelphia police issued a warrant for the rapper, claiming he violated his probation.

Although initial reports stated that Cassidy was a suspect in a murder and a possible suspect in two other attempted murders, those reports have turned out to be inaccurate.

"GOD is great! I just touch down! Feeling better than ever! Down,dont believe everything you hear.. I'm good," Cassidy tweeter early yesterday morning.

Cassidy, who didn't exactly shy away from the controversial reports, stated that he was going to be returning to the studio and dropping new music, now that he is free.

"All I do is murder beats, thats why I beat murders...I'm dropping some new music tomorrow," Cassidy said. "Since my name in Niggaz mouths, why not.."

It turns out that Cassidy was arrested simply for failing to check in with his probation officer.

An unrelated complaint was lodged against the rapper, although police have refused to issue details.


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