Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mister Cee Pleads Guilty To Public Indecency

Rap Daily: DJ Mister Cee has reportedly plead guilty to public lewdness and exposure after the legendary spin master was arrested on March 30. Along with being a deejay on Hot97, Mister Cee has had a storied journey within Hip Hop. He was originally a deejay for Big Daddy Kane and later was an associate executive producer on Notorious B.I.G.'s Bad Boy debut, Ready to Die. As noted, he currently works as a deejay for New York's Hot97Cee, real name Calvin Labrun, was allegedly found in a sexual act with man in the early morning hours in a car in Manhattan. 

Police charged that Cee was found with an "exposed, naked and erect penis” in another man's mouth, now known to be Lawrence Campbell. It is currently unclear when Cee must go back to court for a follow-up date.


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