Thursday, 10 March 2011

Meek Mill Concert Cut Short After Brawl

Maryland police are investigating a shooting that took place after a massive brawl between 50-60 people broke out during a concert featuring Meek Mill, who recently inked a deal with rapper Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. 

Meek, who hails from Philadelphia, was the headlining act at Governors Hall at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge on Sunday.

A fight broke out amongst patrons, resulting in one person being removed from the venue. 

While security guards escorted the person out of the venue, larger fights broke out inside the hall amongst 50-60 people, where food and chairs where thrown. 

When security guards used pepper-sprayed to contain the fighting patrons, over 600 people rushed for the doors. 

In the parking lot, ten shots were fired, prompting the crowd to scatter. 

Police are currently investigating the brawl, which left several attendees with minor injuries. 


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