Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Philly Rapper Young Reek Joins Police force Cops Investigate

The Internal Affairs division in the Philadelphia Police Department has opened an investigation into police officer Robert Acevedo Jr., after finding out his past as a former gangster rapper.
Robert Acevedo Jr. is a philadelphia artist better known as Young Reek. In 2009, he was even named Best Latin Artist at the Philly Hip-Hop Award in 2009.

 Police began the investigation after learning of his rap videos, and the fact that he won an out-of-court settlement against the Philadelphia police in 2008, for police brutality.

Acevedo joined the Philadelphia police department in 2010, after giving up his career as a rapper, according to FOP Treasurer John Ruane.

But his conduct in his rap videos has investigators worried about his ability to serve and protect the community, despite the fact that his father is a retired Philadelphia police officer.

In the track "Top Gunnaz," Acevedo, aka "Young Reek," threatens to shoot people and kill people and also alludes to smoking.

Despite the settlement against the police for police brutality, its his rap career that has sparked the investigation in regards to a possible conflict of interest when it comes to serving the public.

"You may have a conflict of conscience but not a conflict of interest here," said former Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney. "I don't know how it didn't come up in background check, but even if it did, the issues that disqualify you are drug testing and prior contact with the justice system. Being litigious won't disqualify you."


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