Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jimmy Henchman Guilty On All Charges

 The trial of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond ended today in  Brooklyn federal court.
A jury found Rosemond guilty of all 13 charges against him, for  heading up the “Rosemond Organization.”
Federal prosecutors claim the organization shipped hundreds of kilograms on a weekly basis from the West Coast, using various overnight courier services.
The drugs were then shipped to New York, while the proceeds were sent back to the West Coast.
Rosemond was emotionless when the jurors reached their verdict, while his family friends and supporters showed their emotions.
Rosemond was the CEO of Czar Entertainment, which at its height, managed artists like Akon, Brandy, Groove Theory, Gucci Mane, Game, Michael K. Williams, Mike Tyson,and numerous others.
Rosemond is facing life in prison. He will be sentenced at a later date.


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Born “Toi Vincent Lewis” to Tonie and Kim Lewis on June 23rd of 1989, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure how the catchy name of this Southern Hip Hop artist was conceived. Having been born and raised in the poverty stricken and crime laced city of Jackson, MS, it would be all to usual for him to become another statistic in what some people like to affectionately call “Jew-Town” or “Cracktown”. Despite optimal circumstances arriving on many occasions where death may have resulted, TdotVdot managed to make it to the age of 25 alive in a city riddled with R.I.P. t-shirts. Debuting his first EP titled “Balance EP” on his birthday in 2015, he felt this be necessary after the devastating loss of his maternal grandmother early 2015 and the incarceration of his newly befriended older brother. Listen to the track “How to Feel” and you will see how his everyday life is translated into a harmonizing melodic tune laced with catchy phrases and clever rhymes that are surely heartfelt from this artist. Since his early teenage years TdotVdot found an outlet from his stressor; it was music. He always loved music and loved to make it. Just a semester or two shy of a B.S. in Mass Communication and Media Production at Jackson State University he’s no stranger to the entertainment arena. Working part-time as a cook and fulltime as a music producer at Colorblind Entertainment which he founded and operates, he maintains hopefulness that people will hear his sound and immediately embrace it because “It’s real music. It’s real Hip Hop. There is nothing but truth to my message and that’s what people need to hear. That’s what they want to hear. I don’t want to sound like no one else but myself!”. Also having an arsenal of over 800 beats he’s engineered himself, let it be no surprise when this zealous fellow tops the charts in the near future as an artist and producer.
His most recent music “Balance EP” can be downloaded at the following links below:
Source: http://www.last.fm/music/TdotVdot/+wiki?ver=3&ver=3

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